Use your Tenant Profile to apply for properties.

Filling in Tenancy Applications can be frustrating. With a Tenant Profile, you can apply for properties without having to re-enter all your info.

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About Us.

Use your Tenant Profile to apply for Tenancies.

Your Tenant Profile will help you apply for tenancies without having to re-enter all your information every time.

We want YOU to be able to access and use your own data to benefit you. This is why we are working on a full transparency project where you will be able to see your credit files and track where in the Application process your application is.

Our core philosophy is to help people with the services we provide, in a way that everybody wins.

He aha te mea nui o te ao
What is the most important thing in the world?
He tangata, he tangata, he tangata
It is the people, it is the people, it is the people
- Maori proverb

To view our Privacy Policy, click here.

How we use your data.

You can find out Privacy Policy by clicking here.

Below in simple terms is information about how we treat your data.

  • What will my data be used for?

    Helping you apply for tenancies and other services. Tenancy Applications and Agreements have Privacy Act Waivers, and because you are using your info from this service to pre-populate them, it’s a good idea to read any terms and conditions on the Application Forms.

    Your Profile is kept completely private and NO ONE will have the authority to access it except you.

  • You benefit as you will be able to apply for tenancies quickly and not have to type out all your data for each application. As your information changes, you can update your profile so it is ready for the next time you need to apply.

  • The data in your profile is completely private. Because you use the data in the Tenant Profile to pre-populate applications, the application itself will disclose who will be using your data. Only the data asked for on the application form you are filling out is sent, and if you update your profile at a later date, the new data is not visible to anyone. may use your data to generate statistical reports but in no way will anyone be able to identify that the data belongs to you or have access to any individuals full set of data. For Example, Amount of students in Auckland looking for a 3 bedroom property

  • Protection
  • Yes, your tenant profile is kept completely private. The data sent in a Tenancy Application form will be seen by Property Managers and landlords.

  • Yes. Any data used for statistical reports will be completely anonymous. Your profile can only be seen by you. Because you send data (In the form of an application) to people and organisations, you control who sees what.

  • Yes you can. If you believe any data we hold is incorrect, you can log in and change it. If it relates to data such as credit reports you can request it from the credit bureaus. You can request a copy of all data we have on you at any time, click here to request a copy of your data.

  • Choice
  • WE DO NOT SELL DATA FOR ANY REASON! The data in your Tenant Profile is completely safe from being sold to marketers or even seen by anyone you don't want to. Your profile is designed to be a data vault and only you can send it to other parties.

  • Yes. When ever you use your Tenant Profile to populate an applicaton, you will be asked to confirm you understand that you are sharing it and agreeing for them to use it as per the application privacy waivers.

    It is only a snapshot of your data so if you update your profile, the parties you have shared your data with in the past are not sent any changes or updates.

We’re happy to help.

We are here to help so don’t hesitate to get in contact.

If you are having problems with our site please let us know and we will help where we can. We cannot help with changes to tenancy applications, updates or general enquires about specific properties for rent.

For information and updates on your tenancy applications, please contact the Property Manager directly.

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